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Where’s the Attic?


            At the start of the Governor’s Scholars Program, about 70 girls moved into the combined dorm of Cheek-Evans. Everything seemed completely fine. The young women made their beds, hung their clothes in their closets, and started to get to know one another.

            Only one thing seemed slightly off about their dorm. The first night, no one thought anything about it. Sometime between 11:30 and midnight someone seemed to be rearranging their furniture. The next day, several of the students on both sides of the dorm inquired as to whom was moving furniture about at such an odd hour. No one on either side of the hall or on any floor would admit to moving their beds or desks about.

            The next night, the same thing happened, but the noise seemed to be louder on the third floor ceilings. The odd thing was that there was no fourth floor of Cheek-Evans. As the confusion grew among the residents on the third floor of Cheek-Evans, the noise continued.

            After two weeks of dealing with the obnoxious noise, a group of girls decided to look for an attic door to investigate. Sara, Emily, Anita, and Claire set out in search of some sign that there even was an attic in Cheek-Evans. Finally, the girls discovered a locked door at the top of the stairwell in the Evans building. After picking the lock with a calling card, the girls climbed up a short flight of stairs and into the attic.

            Upon reaching their destination, the girls clicked on flashlights and looked around. In the middle of the long hall, there was a single open door. When the girls walked through the doorway, there stood a single bed, a dresser, and a wooden chair. As they scrambled towards the furniture, Sara tripped and fell. She slid across the floorboards, and landed in a heap next to the dresser. When she sat up, terror washed over her face. She had gone completely pale and her body was trembling.

            “You guys,” she said. “There are skid marks all over the floor, and when I landed, I saw this girl. She was dragging another girl’s body across the floor, and then she stopped. I think she’s been moving the furniture to block the doorway so no one can find her with her roommate’s dead body.”

            The girls turned, ran out the doorway, through the hall, and down the stairs. They stopped after reaching the third floor of Evans, and slammed the door. Breathing heavily, they swore never to talk about the conclusions they had reached in the attic.

            The next day, the door was locked again and the noise continued. Now whenever the girls hear the screeching, they make sure to remind their roommates how happy they are that they are friends.


Kat Baughman

Assumption High School