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The Never Fading Flower


The Grace Doherty Library has a pleasant, innocent appearance at first glance.  However, upon entering guests discover wind gusts and mystifying noises in the library foyer.  When the book depository is opened, a gush of chilled air rushes out.  Surely these occurrences are not merely central air gone wrong, and according to one account, they’re not.

          From far away Japan, there was a beautiful girl named Amarante that came to be educated at Centre College. She wanted to experience America firsthand.  Amarante wasn’t acquainted with very many people at Centre, as she had just arrived for the new fall semester.  One young man had made friends with her quickly, and Amarante was happy.

            Amarante frequently took late night strolls through the shady Centre campus.  One night, she chose to go out for one of these walks. She noted that the wind was stronger than usual.  As she passed by Young Hall, she thought someone was behind her. She didn’t think much about it.  Japan is generally a safe country, so she had no sense of paranoia. 

            Behind her, someone called her name.  It was her new friend.  She stopped and waited for him to catch up.  As he neared, Amarante noticed a rope he was swinging. 


 “What’s the rope for?” she asked innocently.

            “For you,” replied the man. 

            Confused, Amarante asked, “What?”

            Suddenly, he sped towards her, the rope stretched out menacingly.  Amarante pressed the emergency button on the help station, but she knew there was no time to stand around.  Running farther, she ran into the library foyer and attempted to pry the main door open.  It would not budge.

            Straining, Amarante tried to hold the door so that the man couldn’t open it.  Her body ached from straining to hold it closed.  The struggle went on for a few seconds, but he succeeded in pulling open the door. Amarante was unable to escape. The man came closer and closer, lauphing. He tightened the rope and strangled Amarante.  

            Of course, Centre has kept the story quiet, but the noises in the library foyer tell all.  Amarante’s spirit tries to warn people to be careful. Amarante means the flower that never fades in Japanese, and appropriately, there is a beautiful flower in the library foyer on the anniversary of her death that mysteriously appears, symbolizing her tragedy.


Lance Lee

Allen County-Scottsville High School