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Shaking Windows


Today Shakertown is a museum for tourists to enjoy the sights and sounds of a recreated Shaker community. Many people have questioned whether or not the Shaker Meeting House is haunted. This building held the Shakers ceremonies and ritual dances. Many people have eerie feelings about the Meeting House and the events that have happened there. Regardless of all this, the present day owners of Shakertown decided to erect an office on the second floor. They put in air conditioning to help make the surroundings more modern. Therefore, the windows were shut tight to help conserve energy.

One night, a young worker went up to the office to change out of her Shaker costume. As she walked upstairs, she noticed a window in the hallway shaking. Instead of rattling, the window hummed long and loud. Unnerved, she changed quickly, and went back down the hall to exit. This time the window was moving violently back and forth. The window looked as though it would fly off of its seal. The terrified worker was frozen. In a panic, she said the first thing that came to mind - Do not worry, Ill put the clothes back on tomorrow. With that, the window abruptly stopped.

The office is no longer in the Meeting House; it has been moved to a more convenient location. But while it was still there, that worker never went to the offices without telling the window that it was only she.


Anna K. Gier

Covington Latin