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Welcome to the 2001 GSP Urban Legends Web Page

As we work diligently on our urban legends the links below will introduce you to what we have now!!

In the summer of 2001, the Governor's Scholars Program at Centre College offered a class in Urban Legends. The class researched local and state history to discover and develop Urban Legends. The Urban Legends on this web site offer Urban Legends constructed by local citizens of Danville and neighboring communities, as well as the Governor's Scholars themselves.

In order to appreciate Urban Legends (ULs), one must understand how urdan legends are created. The following criteria explain the creation of urban legends:

  1. Appear mysteriously and spread spontaneously in varying forms
  2. Contain elements of humor, horror, or both
  3. Make good storytelling
  4. Do NOT have to be false, although most are. ULs often have a basis in some fact, but it's their life after-the-fact that gives them their particular interest.


The students and faculty of the 2001 Governor's Scholars at Centre College Urban Legends class in no way shape or form endorse the following stories. Although some of the legends are based on truth, many are completely fabricated out of the vivid imaginations of our minds.

Names and places have been changed when necessary, and people who work at places such as Centre College, Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, and Perryville Battlefield were not involved with the writing of the following stories in any way.