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Dead Copy Boy


During the early years of the Governor’s Scholars Program at Centre College, a scholar was working alone in the computer lab on a final project for his historical analysis class.  He worked diligently on the paper, making it long and extensive, twenty-one pages to be exact.

            As the scholar walked to the printer, he passed a sign on the wall that read, “No scholar allowed to print more than 20 pages at one time.  Signed, the Computer Guy.”  Knowing the reputation of the Computer Guy, he frantically turned and rushed back to his computer.  He tried to edit the paper to reduce it by a page, but he needed too much of the information. 

            Reluctantly, he walked slowly to the printer, hoping that the Computer Guy would be gone.  He turned and looked all around him to see if the Computer Guy was near.  He seemed to be gone for the day.

            The scholar grabbed the pages and ran back to his computer, his heart pounding.  He had escaped his wrath.  The scholar then flipped through his pages to see if he had gotten all of them.  He counted as he flipped, only to find that behind the twenty-first page he had another page.  He pulled the page out and read it.

            “You have exceeded the page the maximum number of pages allowed!  I am watching you!”  The boy then heard the doors shut, the computers began to go off standby and the printer began to print an excessive amount of papers.  He rushed to the printer to see what was being printed off and found that they all read the same:  “You must pay.”

            His heart beating faster than before, he turned to see the Computer Guy behind him.  He felt a sharp pain in his chest and fell to the floor.  He had died of a heart attack.  The Computer Guy, unbeknownst to the scholar, had been best friends with the scholar’s brother and was trying to play a joke on the boy.  However, the Computer Guy did not know that the boy had a heart condition. 


Special K (B. Scott Kelley)

GSP Professor

Wayne County High School