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The Evans Grave


In a cemetery in Danville, Kentucky lies the grave of Charles Evans, a respected Civil War veteran.  In the battle of Perryville, as the story holds, he lost both of his legs to cannon fire while charging a hill.  His men assisted in carrying him to safety and he was eventually placed in what is now Old Centre for medical attention.  He lived the last four years of his life, legless, with his wife, a most wonderfully beautiful Mrs. Michelle Evans.  When he died he was placed in an above ground tomb in the Danville Cemetery. However, there are many reports that Col. Evans has unsolved business.  Although Evans was forced to live the remainder of his life without legs, he never truly accepted that fact.  He is reported to have asked individuals he encountered if he could “borrow” their legs.  Obviously, everyone turned him down, so he died unhappy and legless.  Current legend maintains that if you approach the grave of Col. Evans, a voice will become audible and ask, “Excuse me, but I have no legs and I was wondering if I might borrow yours.”  So be wary all those who approach the grave of Col. Evans, now buried with his wife, Michelle, that he may possibly ask you if he could borrow your legs!!


Mike Henchcliffe

                                                                                            Henry Clay High School