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Centre Seal


Anyone who has ever seen “Rebel Without a Cause” knows that it’s bad to step on the school seal.  Stepping on the seal is like a person is stomping on the pride of the school.  As many schools do, Centre College has a seal.  It sits in front of the Old Centre building.  This seal, however, is more important than a decoration or symbol of pride; it can seal your fate.

            Several years ago, Meredith and Lance were two college students very much in love.  They had met as freshmen at Centre and remained together through the years.  In the second semester of her junior year, Meredith was chosen to study abroad in Paris.  That would mean leaving her beloved Lance for a whole semester.  They decided to spend some time together before she was to leave.  It was late evening when they were walking back through campus.  They stopped near the seal in front of Old Centre for a final kiss before parting ways to go back to their dorms.  Standing on opposite sides of the seal, they kissed at the stroke of midnight.  The memory of that moment remained with both of them, pulling them through the next few months.  When Meredith returned from her semester abroad, Lance proposed and they were soon married.

            Legend has it that if two lovers stand on opposite sides of the seal, a midnight kiss will ensure that they will marry each other and live together happily for the rest of their lives.

Anna K. Gier

Covington Latin