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LaMotte Tyler House


Finals week at Centre College is an extremely stressful time for most students, especially the freshman.  During this week in 1986, one particular male student, Peter Wilcox, decided to take his life. Desperate, Peter dragged his bed across the room until it sat directly underneath a noose he had fashioned out of a bed sheet. He then hung himself. For the remainder of the school year, his dorm room on the third floor of LaMotte Tyler was vacant and locked.  For months, after Peter's death, students located directly under his room claimed to hear noises coming from above, noises that resembled a metal bed being dragged across the floor. Many students and faculty bore witness to the fact that these noises existed.  Therefore, the room remained locked all year long. Even today, the ghost of Peter Wilcox haunts LaMotte Tyler. Every year, on the anniversary of his death, students living in the cursed dorm room see Wilcox hanging from the ceiling when the clock strikes midnight.  Then he suddenly vanishes, only to be seen next year.


Sarah Reynolds

            Taylor County High School